Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding in Green


Last month, we met this young lady named Lina. She called us asking for our services. Well through the phone conversation, we decided to meet at Mc'D Sec3 Shah Alam. During the 1st meet, we were discussing bout her need on her wedding...So we brings along our photo album and some sketches. She was amazed and satisfied with our previous works..even our sketches..coz for her wedding, she wanted the wedding to look simple but elegant...well so far our design fitted with her needs...

During the meeting, she wanted us to design her wedding dais (pelamin), main entrance deco (arch) and main table (meja makan beradap). She will be wearing green theme songket so we decided to make her wedding theme is green. The wedding will take place at Dewan Komuniti Bukit Damansara on 28 June 2009...end of the meet up, we decided to meet up for the 2nd time where we will bringin our design.

So 2nd meeting was set up at the same spot Mc'D Sec3, Shah Alam..This time we came with our design. I was afraid about her reaction at the 1st place but thanked to God, she loved the design so much and she was speechless..that's the reaction I wanted to see from my client...So after bout more than hour discussion on the design and the budget, she finally agreed to hire our company as her wedding decorator..Alhamdulillah.

So here is the snippet of the decorations will take place on her wedding soon.


Main entrance deco

Main table deco

Pelamin deco

The sketches without color. I'll upload the one with colour k...So we hope the wedding will goes well..InsyaAllah


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