Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wenkt Birthday Party @ Duta Vista

On 6th May, we were so busy on decorating the poolside area of Duta Vista for a birthday party celebration. Wan@Wenkt is one of our friend and he is celebrating his 25th birthday. The decorations works started at 4pm. But before that me & Am went to Petaling Street to do some fresh flowers shopping...

For this party, we were concentrating on main area, poolside area, buffet area, reception table and main entrance area...As discussed, the theme color for the party are Red & Gold..which i think it will bring some glam touch to the party..

To make the party more interactive, we created a wishing tree where all the guests will write a birthday wishes on a piece of card and the card will be hang on the tree...

At the main area, we created a closed area by hanging up a curtain from JC fabric...we bought 3 rolls of red JC and 1 roll of gold JC...the curtain were combination of red and gold color...In the main area, there were one table for VIP...for the VIP table we used red JC as a table cloth..while for the centrepiece, we put one big glass vase that been decorated together with branches, apples, gerbera and tea leaves. We also decorated the main area with red & gold balloons..

For the main entrance, we decorated a arch with red & gold balloons and all the way to entrance candle are lit on both side..candle are put inside the recycled paper..cost saving..

13 tables were set up at the poolside. red & gold jc are used for as a table cloth and there were two types of centrepiece ...Poolside were decorated with candles that been put inside the recyled paper..

We were so glad to be part of this party...THANKS WAN.


Main entrance


Wishing tree at reception table

Centrepiece for VIP table

Main area


Decor at buffet area

Curtain lights were installed at buffet table

Poolside area

We with Wan@Wenkt (white t-shirt)