About Us

The staff:  
led by owner Adie Waridi & Adam Idham, ADIEADLAN Weddings is a five-person team working full-time to create amazing events!  We know  that a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness goes a long way!  Each one of us brings a different talent and perspective to the table.   Some of us are dazzling at design, others are fiends at finance, some are capable at construction and others oogle over organization – together we are the perfect blend of systematic kookyness to make planning weddings together so much fun!

The mission:
Provide couples with a fun and relaxing planning experience while instilling confidence that the end result will be a wedding celebration that’ll knock your socks off!

The company:  
ADIEADLAN Weddings was created to cater to couples who are interested in a unique, detailed, one-of-a-kind celebration.  we get to know each of our couples through the planning process – personalities, tastes, quirks – and draw on that profile to create an event that will truly reflect the bride and groom!  we limit the number of weddings we schedule each season in order to give 100% to our couples and their weddings!

The creativity: 
it’s endless!  we are inspired by just about anything and everything – and we have to be in this day and age to come up with new and original ideas!   we can take an idea and transform it into something wonderful using local products and vendors!  we are creating and contributing to the local economy at the same time!

The "rules": 
allow us to wow you, impress you and surprise you on your wedding day – at least a little bit!  we will request that you send us all your ideas, inspiration and “love it!’s” as we form an understanding of your style.  then we’ll start with your ideas, add a dash of our creativity, a touch of local flavor and voila - a celebration for the history books!  we will send you our inspiration board if you like and talk with you about use of spaces, movement and flow of guests, colors and theme, however, we keep the details under wraps!  we’ve been told over and over that discovering little surprises all night long made the celebration that much more amazing!