Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Care Bear Theme?


I'm now working on one wedding where the theme is something to do with the Care Bear you guys still remember the cartoon..I do...ala kisah bears yg ada logo kat badan bear bila ada prob n diorang bergabung, logo2 kat badan tu akan bersinar n come out from the they got so powerful...kinda childish rite..but this is what my client requested i'm still working on it and planning to present the design next week...This is under proposal stage, so there is a lot of thing to think about..

After a few weeks, I finally come out with one idea that can reflect the bride's dream...Since the Care Bear cartoon is full of color, so i decided to come out with something that related to rainbow...yeah, 7 colors of rainbow...why i choose rainbow? It is because, from the bride's info, the flower girls will wearing a dress that present the color of rainbow and they wanted the pelamin to look so simple and less flowers...

I will upload the design when i finish with the coloring part k...

Till then, have a nice day


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