Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flowers, Colours & You

White may be the preferred choice but every colour in the rainbow indicates a particular temperament and specific character. Invoke these colours that will showcase your true nature in the most gorgeous of shades and styles.

Passion, valour, energy and desire, the colour red brings a dash of sensuality to your floral arrangements. The mot unassuming bouquets get a jolt of life from the addition of bold reds, brash crimson, sexy scarlets and titillating vermilions, while maroons and blood reds suggest a mystery and unchartered territories. Add a few reds blooms to accent the fire or go 'full blown' to assert your equally energetic personality.

Flowers: roses, anthuriums, tiger lilies, ginger flower buds, heliconias, gloriosa lilies, anemones

You are a goddes of nature and the colour of your choice reflects your earthly, rejuvenating and nurturing qualities. Green is also the prefect complement to just about any colour and comes in a multitude of shades and tones. Emerald green, silver green, purplish green and pale green: these colours showcase the diversity of this lively shade and sits comfortably with many other colours in the floral arrangement. Pairing green with yellow and white is particularly pretty and refreshing, symbolising birth, youthful vigour and optimism.

Flowers: calla lilies, madonna lilies, pale green hydrangeas, lily of the valley, jasmine on the vines and lots of foliage.

Serene and intuitive,blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky. This shade speaks of a calm and reassuring personality, of peace and openess. It is also a highly flexible tone that easily blends with other shades. Pair this tranquil colour with the purest of whites and the deepest of purples and pinks for outstanding combinations. from deep indigoes to subtle shades of azure and aquamarine, a touch of blue will always brighten up any floral arrangement.

Flowers: Cornflowers, hyacinths, iris, blue sweet Williams, delphiniums

Sunny, joyous and full of life, a bride who choose yellow is simply brimming with life and energy. Like the warmth emanating from the sun, yellow flowers perk up any arrangement and bring a sharper contrast to the prevailing tone. Yellows go especially well with darker shades like deep red, purples, midnight blues and can also be teamed beautifully with its own family colour. Burnished oranges, autumnal rusts and coppery reds marry well with this shade that will brighten up any room or send a lively flutter into any heart.

Flowers: sunflower, yellow lilies, golden shower orchids, daffodils,marigold, chrysanthemums

Bold, energetic, enthusiastic and warm, this is not a crowd favourite but the bride who selects this shade will immediately be recognised for her intense but playful personality. She is fun, she is outgoing and she individualistic, speaks her mind and unafraid to call the shots. She is also the least bit concerned about conventions. Team this with other colours is as unique as the person who chooses it.

Flowers: Ranunculus, peony, proteas, orange rose, gerberas, dahlias, orange heliconias, orange chrysanthemums

Romantic, sweet and girlie, she is a gentle little creature who revels in the essence of femininity. The occasion that decks itself in pink shades is like a fairytale unfolding, and the bride is the princess who is finally swept off her feet by her prince charming. Conventions, values and traditions are important to her and she possesses a very nurturing quality that is intrinsic in every woman. She is very much a young girl at heart. Pinks work well with dark and lighter shades and is easy to mix and match.

Flowers: carnations, roses, sweet pea, pink lilies, freesias, camellia and pink tulips,


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